Berlin Airport : 393 words

Berlin has as much as three airports:

  1. Berlin Tegel Airport hold IATA Code as TXL.
  2. Berlin Schönefeld Airport holds IATA Code as SXF
  3. Berlin Brandenburg Airport that holds IATA Code as BER. This international airport under construction, located adjacent to the Berlin Schönefeld Airport in Schönefeld.

Berlin Tegel Airport (TXL)

Berlin Tegel Airport (TXL) has bus connections to Berlin city center and that makes the airport quite well integrated in Berlin’s network for public transport. Outside the terminal A and B there are four stops of Berlin Transport Services, whereas the coach to Dresden has stop at Terminal E; at lower level of the terminal. The shopping area has almost all needs for the passengers together with books and magazines. All famous car rentals like Avis and Hertz are available. Berliner Bank, Berliner Volksbank and Postbank have their ATMs and other foreign exchange services like Reisebank  and Travelex andothers have their foreign exchange counters to serve the travellers.


Berlin Schönefeld Airport (SXF)

Berlin Schönefeld Airport (SXF) has easy and quick connections to outside world. The airport is only 30-minute ride from Hauptbahnhof Central Station on the Airport Express. There are regional trains running three times every hour. Further a regional train runs every hour between Brandenburg’s capital Potsdam and the airport. The place has quite a large number of bus routes connecting the airport while some of the bus services also stop at the train station Berlin Schönefeld Airport which is outside the terminal building. You can easily book online for Berlin airport taxi with us.


Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER)

Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER) is 18 kms towards south of Berlin city center, whichis the capital of Germany. The airport is under construction and will replace both Schönefeld and Tegel Airport, and would rise as the single commercial airport serving Berlin as well as the surrounding of Brandenburg that has around 6 million population. The facility is designed to handle 27 million passengers. Air Berlin, easyJet and Germanwings have plans to shift their hubs from Tegel and Schönefeld airports to this location as the place is operational. Berlin Brandenburg Airport will have a future railway station being constructed under the terminal building from where Deutsche Bahn will operate train services. This station is designed in a three km long tunnel, on one of the branches of Berlin Ringbahn, within the municipality of Schönefeld immediately outside of Berlin. This rail facility will ultimately replace Schönefeld and will become the airport station after project completion.


Attractive places to visit in Berlin



Berlin is known worldwide for its combination of history, culture, aesthetic architecture, exciting foods and many more. Some of popular leader and professionals has born in Germany and they made history with their work. Their work enriched the history of Germany and Berlin is the bearer of this history. Bismarck and Marx, Einstien, Hitler, JFK, Bowie has shaped the Berlin and gave the base for future. I am feeling really honored to write about Berlin, Germany. Berlin city has faced revolution, bombed into every corner but it stood up and show the world their capability. Today’s Berlin is a place of colorful event. It’s a city that truly never sleeps.
Berlin City is full with creativity, charming sites and historic museums. The natural scenic beauty makes a special place in traveler’s mind. Some of these places are described below.

• Schloss Charlottenburg:


Schloss Charlottenburg


This place is having Berlin’s royal pads with main palace and some smaller buildings in front of Palace Park. There is a valuable collection of porcelain and paintings from 18th century professionals. The Altes Schloss, showing the Oak gallery consisting with family portraits.

• Pergamon Museum:


Pergamonu Mseum


It’s a display of classical sculpture and monumental architecture form Greece, Rome, Babylon and Middle East. There are also a collection of classical Antiquities, Museum of near eastern antiquities, and museum of Islamic art. It will be a great feeling when you visit the different part of the museum. Must manage available time to complete the whole place.

• Volkspark Friedrichshain:


Volkspark Friedrichshain

This is oldest park in Berlin and have enugh place for lazing, tennis court and many more. There also a part where you can find communists era memorial sites. It’s a nice to hang out with nature and history.

• Neues Museum:


Neues Museum Berlin


This museum is having the Egyptian masterpiece Queen Nefertiti. And also showing mummies, sculptures and sarcophagi. Its having valuable historical element like Torjan antiquities, Neaenderthal Skull and 300 year old gilded conical ceremonial hat.

• East Side Gallery:


East Side Gallery


It is the world’s largest open air mural collection in total of 1.3km stretched. More than 100 paintings presenting era’s global euphoria with a mix of political view.

A huge number of visitor comes to Berlin to be a witness of this beautiful city, it’s a really nice with a combination of nature and history.